20 MARCH 1976, Page 23

Books Wanted

CLASSIC MYTH AND LEGEND by A. R. Hope Moncrieff MYTHS OF BABYLON AND ASSYRIA by Donald Mackenzie. THE LORDS OF THE ISLES by Isobel Grant (MacLehose, London) Box 681.


VOLUME TWO: JUNIUS (letters of). Published 1812. William Lock, 11 Castle House, Caine, Wiltshire,

SOUTH WIND by Norman Douglas and TRIVIA by Login Smith. Craig, 'Gossway', Kirtlington, Oxford.

DANTE THE DIVINE COMEDY' with original Blake drawings. Printed by Heritage Press New York. Box 679. DOCKERS by David Wilson. Fontana Press. Jones 01-445 5006.17 Oakleigh Park North, London N20. THE PENGUIN BOOK OF LATIN VERSE. Alex H. Paterson, 21 Hillpark An , Edinburgh EH4 7AT.

POO POO AND THE DRAGONS by C. S. Forester. LIGHT OVER LUNDY and RAVEN AMONG THE ROOKS by S. P. B. Main. Hancock. 263 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh. BRENSHAM TRILOGY by John Moore Box 673. RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT. Marcia MacDonald, 27 Green St., London W.1. 499 8760 or 734 8080. ENCOUNTER MAG. (1954: Feb), (1955: Apr, Jul, Sep, Nov), (1963: Feb), (1964: Jun, Sep), (1966: Apr, May, Jul, Sep). J. Bergseng/Overlararev 613/22367 LUND/SWEDEN. LIFE OF GEORGE BUTTERWORTH. (Privately printed) : THE FIGURE IN THE MIST by Elizabeth Coxhead ; JANE THE TORTOISE by Constance Hoganh ; Dr Ruth Gipps, Allferthings, Hemitage Road, Kenley

FABIAN BIOGRAPHICAL PAMPHLET, "The Webbs" by Margaret Cole, Box 676 HISTORY OF FRENCH COLONIAL POLICY 1870-1925. S. H. Roberts, Coles, 103 Alcester Road South, Birmingham 14. THIRTEEN SERMONS by The Rey, John Owen D.O. London 1756. SPEECHES DELIVERED UPON THE CASE OF E.B. Hartopp & G. Mostyn to the Title of Baron Vaux of Harrowden". London 1836. C. Harm, 32 Kingswood Cl, Eaton Norwich, NR4 6JF. Norfolk.

"LYRICS" by Oscar Hammerstein II published by Simon & Schuster, C1948-1951. D. M. Barker, 12 Green Lane, Northwood, Middlesex. Tel: 25343.

MY JOURNEY AROUND THE WORLD by Northcliffe, GAILY, GAILY by Harold Brecht. D. C. Flintham, Western Mall, Cardiff. DAVID OF KINGS by E. F. Benson. DON'T TELL ALFRED by Nancy Milford Box 675. THE LONG TRAIL: British soldiers' songs of WW1, by John Brophy and Eric Partridge. Rev. ed. Andre Deutsch, 1965. Beele, 86 Tiverton Road, Loughborough, Leics. OFF TO PHILADELPHIA IN THE MORNING by Jack Jones. Wanted urgently. Richard Booth, Hay-on-Wye, Hereford. PRE-WAR ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL books, annuals, handbooks and pre-1952 programmes bought by collector. 37 Herndean Road, Caversham, Reading. BOOKS BY OR ABOUT, Bierce, Boswell, Bulgekov, R. F. Burton, Chesterton, Gogol, Dr Johnson, Melville, Saroyan, Stout, Swift, Twain, Wells. Edmund Wilson. Any editions. Box 674. CRUISE OF THE ANNIE MARBLE. C. S. Forester, Farnham Common 3919. THE FLIGHT FROM REASON by Arnold Lunn, J. P Chamcellor, 69 Kew Green, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AH. GREAT WAR GAMES FOR YOUNG AND OLD. Booklet by Britain's and any pre-war lead soldier and toy catalogues. Johnson, 22 The Hamlet, Champion Hill, SE5. 274 1123. ANY VOLUME OF THE SCOTTISH ROYAL Commission on Ancient Monuments. P. Clarke, 58 Sheffield Tce. W8. W. S. BLUNT 1840-1922 WANTED any books by or relating to. J. Fleming, 36 Harrington Gardens. London SW7. POETIC EXPERIENCE by Thomas Gilby, Buxton, 102 Park Place, Gravesend, Kent. WHO'S WHO 1972 or later, Macqueen-PoPe's Nights of Gladness. Ladies First. Box 671. BROTHER OF DAPHNE, COURTS OF IDLENESS, ANTHONY LYVEDEN, AND FIVE WERE FOOLISH, PERIOD STUFF, LOWER THAN VERMIN, by Dornford Yates. Leach, 49 Belsize Court, Lyndhurst Gardens, London NW3. THE FRONTIERSMAN'S POCKET BOOK. Published by John Murray c.1904. Box 673. FAMOUS CASES OF DR THORNDYKE; other R. Austin Freeman. Write W. D. Rubenstein, 4 Charlton Road, Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex. THE VILLA DIANA by Alan Moorehead. Any books by Marcel Boulesin. Box 666. BIRKENHEAD. Books on or by F. E. Smith, 151 Earl. wanted by J. Campbell, 14 Drummond Place, Edinburgh 3. TROTTIE TRUE Caryl Brahns & S J. Simon, Michael Joseph. About 1947/48. P. Baird, 12 Park Sr., London W.1 KAMET CONQUERED by F. S. Smyth, SHE FELL AMONG THIEVES, B-BERRY AND I LOOK BACK, HOUSE THAT BERRY BUILT by Dornford Yates. Wheeler, 296 Benfleet Road, Benfleet, Essex. IN A BEAUTIFUL PEA-GREEN BOAT by J. M. Scott. PERISH ERS BOOKS. Nov 1, 7, 10, 11. Box 667.