20 MAY 1922, Page 1

Lord Grey thinks that if France and the United States

had been consulted in the right way before the Genoa Conference the result would have been quite different. He also says, and we agree again, that there ought to have been a sincere and steady policy of developing the League of Nations. If this had been done Germany would already be a member of the League. He does not forget that America refused to join the League, but he nevertheless thinks that the League is the best means of promoting peace in Europe and that such , a policy

would have been not less acceptable to America than the very disappointing policy which has actually been followed. For our part, we have never thought that America could remain indefinitely isolated, and it has always seemed to us not only possible but desirable that the Covenant of the League should be adapted to meet her scruples. Meanwhile, there is no reason whatever for not getting on with the League as it is.