20 MAY 1922, Page 1

Mr. Chamberlain, in the House of Commons on Monday, fully

confirmed the distressing reports of the foul treatment of the Asiatic Christians by the Turks. The British High Com- missioner at Constantinople had stated, on the evidence of the American relief workers, that " the Turks appear to be working on a deliberate plan to get rid of minorities." The unhappy Greeks and Armenians, men, women and children alike, are being forced to undertake long and toilsome marches across Asia Minor and back again until they die from hardship and exposure. They are not killed outright, but they aro deliberately sent to their death. Such are the methods of the gentle Turk, for: whom some Independent Liberal and Labour Members profess admiring sympathy in his struggle for " self- determination." Such would be the fate of the Christians in Ionia and Thrace if the latest proposals of the Allies were carried into effect. Mr. Chamberlain announced that he had asked France, Italy and America to co-operate in a joint inquiry on the spot. If Mustapha Kemal refused to let the inquiry take place, the Government would have to consider their " entire attitude towards the Peace proposals." There is nothing surprising in the news of the atrocities. The only wonder is that anyone should pretend that the Turk had ceased to be the cruel barbarian that he always has been.