20 MAY 1922, Page 1


THE Genoa Conference has come to an end with no more definite result than the hope that the ticklish subject of Russia may be reconsidered with more success at another Con- ference, which is to begin at The Hague on June 15th. We have written some reflections elsewhere on the Genoa Conference, but here we want to say something about the letter which Lord Grey of Fallodon sent to the National Liberal Federation on Wednesday and about the probable future course of America in relation to Europe. As Lord Grey agrees exactly with the reasons which we have several times given for the failure of the Genoa Conference we heartily welcome his letter. He cordially accepts Mr. Lloyd George's object of securing rest and peace for Europe but he draws a comparison, damaging to Mr. Lloyd George, between the careful preparations which the American Government made for the Washington Conference and the haphazard assumptions which Mr. Lloyd George allowed to be the foundation of the Genoa Conference.