20 MAY 1922, Page 22


[Notice in this column does not necessarily preclude subsequent review.]

Royalist .Revelations and the Truth about Charles 1st. By Henry Stuart Wheatley-Crowe. (Routledge. 10s. 6d. net.)— In the first part of his book Mr. Wheatley-Crowe sketches the later career of Charles the First, to show that he might have saved his life if he had agreed to the abolition of Episcopacy and that he died a martyr for the Church of England. It is a tenable view, though it is not by any means indisputable ; the author's brief account of the negotiations does not bring out the fact that Presbyterians and Independents alike feared Charles as the tool of the Church of Rome rather than as the head of the English Church. In the second part of the book we are given a short history of the Royal Martyr Church Union, which was founded in 1906. The Union's objects are to restore the King's name to the Church Calendar, to observe the day of his death with a special collect, epistle and gospel, and " to maintain those principles in Church and State for which the King died." The author's pluck in keeping the Union alive deserves notice. He complains that the Bishops have given him no assistance in regard to the revival of the service for January 30th, which was, by Royal Warrant, omitted from the Prayer Book in 1859.