20 MAY 1922, Page 23

In The Growing Girl Miss Evelyn Saywell (Methuen and Co.,

Is. net) has written a most useful little pamphlet. She has set down a very good summary of the most accepted modern views upon adolescence. In spite of the book's compactness Miss Say-well, knowing how much more a story impresses the memory than a mere statement, has been lavish with illustrative anec- dotes. Apropos of answering questions, she remarks how careful we ought to be to answer children, so far as possible, in the spirit in which their questions are put. " Tnfinite harm may be done by teaching as literal truth the things which we ourselves believe to be allegories." If " R.," who has a very exact mind, asks, "•Is the Bible as true as engines?" meaning are all the stones literal fact. the answer " Yes " will be temporarily accepted, but when later the teachings of science are understood this answer may prove to have been enough to give a severe jolt to religious faith.