20 MAY 1922, Page 3

This is done not by making all the law as

to personal property apply to real property but by selecting from each system the best characteristics. For the first time in English history women will be placed on a footing of complete equality with men with regard to succession on an intestacy. Copyhold and cus- tomary tenure, the tenure called gavelkind in Kent and Borough English, are to be abolished altogether. Good-bye to heriots and phantom manorial rights I No longer will the Lord of the Manor be legally entitled to seize a pedigree Shorthorn or a Rolls-Royce from the widow of a deceased copyholder before admitting the heir to the enjoyment of the property. No longer will any tenant owe the form of military service to the rich merchant who is the Lord of the Manor and lives in " the big house." No longer will a sharp country attorney who is the steward of the Manor demand a fine of 2s. 9d. for non- attendance at the Manorial Court. Alas !