20 MAY 1995, Page 57


Record breaker

Andrew Robson

HUMAN BEINGS are obsessed by extremes: the highest mountain; the biggest waterfall; the longest running the- atre performance. I am often being asked if I have ever been dealt all thirteen of a suit, and the most points I have ever held on one hand. I have had a ten card suit and 29 points. The wildest deal (not a goulash — i.e. dealing cards one at a time) I have ever seen occurred in a recent London League match: Dealer South Both Vulnerable The Bidding South West North East 44


5• Pass 6• 6V 7• 7V 74 Pass Pass Double All Pass After South, Laura Money, had opened 44 and West had bid his longer suit, North, Marcus Macrae, preferred to bid his seven card diamond suit than double 54 and push the opponents into hearts. South loved this development and bid 6•; West bid his second suit at the six level, North bid 74 and East disclosed his seven card support. South's hand was totally unsuit- able to defence and bid 74 which East doubled, confident of making at least a trump trick. West led 4() — surely the VA Would be ruffed; perhaps partner was void In clubs — especially after his double. Declarer cleverly played the *A from dummy and East pounced on it greedily, ruffing with the 46 . . . ! Declarer over- ruffed with the seven, drew trumps and claimed his doubled grand slam. Clearly East should ruff with the 410 (or not at all). His discomfort was enhanced when he realised that 7V would have made — on a Complete crossruff.