20 NOVEMBER 1847, Page 19

FINE ARTS. • A new portrait of the Earl of

Dalhousie, painted by Mr. Watson Gordon, daring the Earl's recent visit to Edinburgh, and to be engraved in mezzo- tint, is exhibited by Messrs. Graves and Co.' the printsellers in Pall Mall. It is a full-length figure, attired in the robes of Lord Register of Scotland. This picture is distinguished by the painter's usual power in seizing cha- racter; it is animated in expression, and well accords with Lord Dalhousie's repute for energy, honesty, and good sense. It is perhaps better as the re- cord of a likeness than as a painting; for it is more deficient in substance than Mr. Gordon's pictures commonly are: the colouring is not powerful; and, perhaps from haste in the execution, the gradation of light is so slightly observed in every part as to give rather the effect of a coloured outline drawing than of rounded forms. The flesh tints, however, are purer than we have observed them to be in several of this artist's pictures; and the clear distinct outlining, with the broad shading, will probably serve well as the basis for the engraver.