20 NOVEMBER 1936, Page 38

Sia,—Writing on " European Jewry, the Polist Problem," in your

issue of November 13th, Lord Mefehett says :

" It is unnecessary for me to emphasise . . . the benefits which I believe would accrue to the Arab population by the adoption of this policy " (i.e., the migration of Polish Jews into Palestine)," In the following (and concluding) paragraph, he adds : Tho opportunity presents itself of aolving . . . the Jewish problem . . . of giving Jews themselves pride in a new future in their own land . . (the italics are mine)."

Does Lord Melchett seriously think that the Arabs would appreciate any " benefits " founded on this conception of Palestine ? It is difficult to see what can be gained by such a complete ignoring of recent facts. Surely so Nationalist an outlook at this present moment can only do harm to

the Jewish cause.—Yours faithfully,