20 NOVEMBER 1942, Page 9


After EDWARD LEAR Expert Committee : What daintier dish could a Government get Than this well-cooked curry of Comp. and Bett, all HOT?

The Report of Uthwatt.

P.M. to Paymaster-General : Will you kindly consult your technical team,

And say if you think it's a workable scheme, or ROT, This Report of Uthwatt?

Sir William Jowitt:

Has anyone any ideas, I beg, If this is a golden or ersatz egg I've GOT, The Report of Uthwatt?

Politicians (Left and Right) : Which side has been trapped in the enemy's camp?

Is it Socialisation? or is it a ramp, or WHAT, The Report of Uthwatt?

Agriculture and Industry : Does it crab the farmers? or urban trade?

Does it back the Report that Barlow made— or SCOTT, The Report of Uthwatt?

Bungalovers and Caravanners Will it fence the country off for the rich?

Or guarantee plenty of fields in which to SQUAT, The Report of Uthwatt?

Speculative Builders

If the Treasury owns Development Rights, Does it mean we'll be offered suburban sites, or SHOT, The Report of Uthwatt?

Rural Preservationists : Won't it tempt the State, when the need's acute, To cash in on a National Park or Beaut- y SPOT, The Report of Uthwatt?

Services and Bombed-out Does it mean I'll come back to a tenement flat?

Or a home that's fit for a Hero pat— RIOT, The Report of Uthwatt?

Local Authorities : Will the gain be ours, and the cost the State's?

Or is it to raise the local Rates a PLOT, The Report of Uthwatt?


When the Global Price and the Levy they fix, Hos' much will it leave the owners—nix? or a LOT, The Report of Uthwatt?

Public Opinion : • Will it shut the jaws of this jabbering mob?

Does it let you get on with the Planning job, or NOT, The Report of Uthwatt F. J. 0.