20 NOVEMBER 1982, Page 38

Answer Form 7

Answer How does each question lead to the answer?


Address: Company (if eligible for special prize)

Important: Please keep this answer form, as you will need to keep a record of all the answers that make up the trail. Without a complete set of answers in the right order, it will be more difficult to work out the exact destination of the treasure.

Only send it in to The Spectator, along with all the other answer forms (even if you have not managed to com- plete all the answers), at the end of the competition.

To be eligible for a prize, you must send in a complete set of answer forms.

Back Numbers

If you missed the previous weeks' issues, it is still possible to enter the treasure hunt. Back numbers are available from: The Spectator, Competition Back Numbers, 56 Doughty Street, London WC IN 2LL. To obtain copies, just send your name and address together with a cheque/postal order made out to 'The Spectator' for 90p per issue.