20 NOVEMBER 1982, Page 38

How to take part

ach issue of The Spectator until the L./Christmas issue (18 December) will carry a clue.

Each clue is made up of three separate questions, designed (except where stated) to give the same answer; all the answers, ex- cept the first week's, are names of places in the British Isles — making up a treasure trail which will lead eventually to the exact whereabouts of the treasure.

It will not be necessary to visit the places in question, but to be certain of arriving at the treasure it will be necessary to keep a record of all the places along the trail — in other words to solve all the clues in the order in which they appear, and to give reasons on the answer form.

Even if the complete sequence of clues is not solved correctly, it will still be possible, by great ingenuity, to guess at the hiding place of the treasure from only a partial set of answers.

But, in determining the order of 111:15,, who arrive at the treasure, preferencfeviles: be given to those who can supply theFpo set of answers both to clues and rndrfle? questions. In the case of individual 4:vell lions some brief indication should be gitio that the literary, historical or



whTnheidoeuntthrifigiehstbeen wthiennehrid gnwinigll be the Prerst°h;

as recoised.

treasure with the most complete °Isierlue5°.1 answers both to clues and individual tions. if . iA Answers may be continued °I/ paper

b The closing date for entries will e ij

one January 1983. No entries will be oPre.,:t before the closing date. If several ccirthe and complete answers are received thin th winner will be decided by lotterY. event of any dispute or doubt, the tutor biter biter will be the Editor of The SPe;',yer The competition is not open to OP' of The Spectator or their relations•