20 OCTOBER 1866, Page 1


IJERR VON FREIDORF, Minister for Foreign Affairs in Baden, has made a very remarkable statement in the Cham- bers. Just before the war the South German Governments informed the Grand Duke that unkse he joined them his dominions would be annexed. He joined them accordingly, and immediately after Austria signed a treaty, which, as Herr von Freidorf believes, assigned to Bavaria a large part of the Baden territory. At the same timeBavaria informed Count Bismarck that though compelled for the present to follow Austria, she was not disinclined to the Prussian scheme of federation. The minor Governments in fact were ruled not by any ideas of advantage to Germany, or even to their own peoples, but by their own dynastic interests. They will not trust one another again, and the Prussian work in Bavaria and Baden may be regarded as almost complete, while in Wurtemberg, though the Chamber has drawn up an address condemning Prussia, the middle classes are mainly on her side. This feeling is increased by the fact that the King of Wurtemberg relies on the Czar, as the King of Saxony does upon the Emperor Napoleon, and is consequently considered "no German."