20 OCTOBER 1866, Page 1

The Emperor Maximilian has made a speech, in which he

stated that it was not the practice of the Hapsburgs to flinch when the difficulty was greatest, and he should remain in Mexico. It is reported that he intends to use his entire revenue in defending the plateau, Vera Cruz, and the road from that port to the capital, leaving the rest of Mexico to take care of itself. That might be feasible as against Juarez, but there is the Union to be reckoned with. Three thousand Californians are said to have entered Sonora already, Mr. Seward wants the Fenians to expend their energies in the same direction, and the blockade lately decreed has not been respected by AmeriCan vessels. The French troops are to depart in November, and after that month the Archduke will probably find that his wife's health demands his presence at Miramar. Lissa made him very popular in Austria, and his wife's splendid inheritance has repaired somewhat his shattered fortunes.