20 OCTOBER 1866, Page 1

The Emperor of Austria has convoked all the Diets of

the Empire for the 19th Nov., the Hungarian alone excepted. Cholera is raging in Hungary till the Government is afraid to bring masses of people together for the elections. No hint is given of the pro- posals to be laid before the Diets, but a little incident will show how little the Royal House has learnt from its disasters. The Kaiser has decided to place the navy under command of the Archduke LeopolC person of no ability, and, says the Times, of discourteous ma ns, but who, having failed as a soldier, must now be made a sai. . Admiral Tegetthof, having conquered at Lissa, objected to . rve under the Archduke, and was instantly removed from his command for disrespect to the Imperial House. What can be done for a dynasty like that, which rules an empire as if it were a family estate?