20 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

The half-yearly meeting of the London, Chatham, and Dover Company

came off on Friday, but was reported too late for our last issue. The members of the Investigation Committee adhered to their view, and of course the implicated parties tried to defend themselves. Viscount Sondes, the Chairman, said he really knew little of railway business and nothing of its finance, and evidently thought that sufficient defence of his conduct in accepting a rail- way chair. Lord Harris declared he knew nothing of the very exceptionable transactions which had been going on, but contrived to give the meeting such an impression of ignorant honesty that they unanimously added him to the new Board. As to Sir Morton Pete, he coolly justified everything, said he had high legal opinion as to the goodness of the manufactured stock, and in the matter of over-issues had consulted the solicitors of the Company. The meeting said he had given no explanation, and one rude person

suggested the Old Bailey as the place where it ought to be tendered, but ultimately everythingawatblt tersthe new Board, which is toeontain the Ineestigatiot ComanItetand Lord Harris, and will, we doubt not, find it "'the interest of the Company" to have as few exposuresias piessible. retteWately for public morality, the creditors willScarcely be in annullable a mood.