20 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

We omitted to notice last week the death of Dr.

Cotton, Bishop of Calcutta, who was drowned in the Elooghly. No particulars of the accident have been received, but the fact is certain, and it has excited very general regret. Dr. Cotton is a real loss to India, where his calmness, diligence, and liberality. of .sentiment fitted him to serve as a bond among denominations who; though not as bitter there as they are here, are still apt to isolate themselves. On one occasion his Lordship gave great ofrence by throwing open the English churches to Presbyterians, and he always maintained in action as well as word that in the presence of that vast Paganism and of a fiercely propagandist Mohammedanism, differences among Christians should be for the present postponed. He was a very patient man also and a just, qualities which in India, where a Bishop can send a chaplain to Calcutta or the desert almost at dis- cretion, are more highly appreciated than dialectic eagerness, or ritualistic knowledge.