20 OCTOBER 1866, Page 22

We have also received a Chronological Synopsis of the Four

Gospels, by H. Grenville (J. R. Smith), a pamphlet designed to show that on u minute critical analysis the writings of the four Evangelista contain no contradictions ; Arithmetic for School and College Use, by T. P. Hudson,. M.A., Fellow and Assistant-Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge (Cassell, Petter, and Galpin), explaining at unusual length the principles of arithmetical calculation ; Select Tales in French, by E. A. Oppen,. Professor of Modern Languages, Haileybury College (Asher); Repetitiaa and Reading-Book for Pupil-Teachers and the Upper Classes of Schools,. by C. Hilton, BA. (Longmesis), a selection of well chosen extracts from modern English authors ; British War Medals, by J. H. Gibson (Stanford), a descriptive account of all the medals that have been awarded to the Army and Navy ; A First Reading-Book for Evenly 'Schools (Longraana) ; and A Treatise on the Nature and Cultivation of Coffee, with some remarks on the management and purchase of coffee Estates, by A. W. Lascelles (Sampson Low), a naeful little book, by the managing director of a coffee company.