20 OCTOBER 1866, Page 3

The Pall Mall Gazette of this day week says The

Spectator accused us last week of having invented blunders for it, in order that we might triumphantly correct them. In its impression of to-day our contemporary confesses to the commission of the- blunders in question, bat pleads that they were very little ones," -and proceeds to say that, after such admissions, it is "well content to let the controversy- drop." We have no wish to prolong it But we cannot-but _remark on the very uncandid statement in question. The blunders of Width our contemporary had accused dm were six or seven in number, and Were asserted to imply such vast and almost boundless ignorance on the Eastern question, as to disqualify for treating it at all. We admitted-one slip in writing the woid " Slays " instead of " Ronmaina," some six months ago, and one misprint of thephtral for the singular of the word " Fria- cipality," a few weeks ago, and we showed by official statistics that in the main charge of all, on the proportion of the non-Turkish to Turkish Mohammeda.us in European Turkey, we were in all pro- bability in the right. The Pall Mall Gazette has of course a perfect right to assume that it was absolutely right in every case, but it has no right to convey the impression that we had admitted what after careful investigation we denied. Whatever occasional inaccuracy there may have been, or may be, in the Spectator, we hope we shall never be guilty of uncandid controversy.