20 OCTOBER 1961, Page 14


SIR,—On October 23 five years ago, the free countries of the world, and many of those enslaved also, were aroused to breathless admiration at the spontaneous uprising of the Hungarian people against their brutal Communist masters. So far as active hostilities were concerned, the revolution was soon over, but every report coming out from Hungary today agrees that the spirit of the revolution is still burning as brightly as ever in the Hungarian people. We ask you, sir, to use your influence to keep the issue equally alive in the West. Every day that we look on passively while the cause of liberty is crushed in Hungary and elsewhere, we arc acquiescing to the humiliating defeat of the principles which we have so often pledged ourselves to defend. In 1956 the West could do little to help those suffering in Hungary and in 1961, too, the help that can be given is not great. May I ask the hospitality of your newspaper to remind your readers that the need still exists, and with the approach of winter becomes more urgent. We are, however, able to assist by sending medicines and clothing to those whose needs are the greatest. Donations for this purpose will be gratefully accepted by the Secretary, 'Help Hungary Fund,' c/o Martins Bank Ltd., Sidcup, Kent.

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