20 OCTOBER 1961, Page 14


81%—We appreciate Mr. James Cargill Thompson's generous remarks (Spectator, October 6, p. 478) about 'Papermacs,' our new series of paperbacks for students and general readers, but may we be allowed to point out that this particular wind of change first blew clown St. Martin's Street as long ago as April 4, 1957? It was on this date that we published the first• twelve titles in 'St. Martin's Library, our other current paperback series, which consists of such works as Bradley's Shakespearean Tragedy, Frazer's Golden Bough and books by Thomas Hardy, Rudyard Kipling, Sean O'Casey and a num- ber of other distinguished authors. `St. Martin's Library' merely carried on a tradition which had been started seventy-five years before with our first sixpenny 'People's Edition' paperbacks. The latest additions to 'St. Martin's Library,' which now con- tains thirty-one titles, were in fact advertised below Mr. Thompson's review, and further titles, including a new selection from W. B. Yeats's poetry. are in preparation.

LOVAT DICKSON Macmillan and Co. Ltd., St. Martin7s Street, WC2