20 OCTOBER 1961, Page 15

625 OR 405?

Su ,—This country seems to be bent upon pro- crastination in' many matters requiring urgent and important deciSion. Decimal currency and the Channel tunnel might be cited as debatable examples (both first voiced over 100 years ago); and the motorways, Which came nearly a quarter of a century after thoSe on the Continent. Now, in a more modern techniCal context, the change to 625-line television, undoubtedly irgent and pressing, is apparently to suffer from similar (though we may hope not such lengthy) procrastination.

Mr. C. 0. Stanley .bf Pye has already announced that there woulebe eighty export markets open to Britain .if the change to 625-line television is made and only one (the Irish Republic, until it changes) if we remain on 405-line television. In addition, a recent authoritative pamphlet on the Common Market makes it clear that a change to 625-line television would considerably enhance our chances With television equipment in Europe. Finally, of course, definitive advantages would be gained by using 625-line with coloured television.

None the less, no decision. has been made. Why the delay?