20 OCTOBER 2001, Page 40

Tina, Harry and Stephen

From Judy Bachrach

Sir: It was with some incredulity that I read Stephen Glover's review (Media studies, 6 October) of my book, Tina and Ilany Come to America, particularly the part where he claims he found himself 'saying a couple of rather unfamiliar things' about his old friend Tina Brown. Mr Glover proved a most voluble source for my biography of Tina Brown and her husband, and those 'unfamiliar things' that he no longer recollects are on tape.

Whatever the suppositions of your writer, the book was never intended as a 'hatchet job' on either half of the couple. They are a complicated mix of defects and virtues, and the tragedy here is that those talents they once possessed were dissipated over many years by an overweening ambition. It is partly in that sense that they are 'nature's Americans'. How touching that Mr Glover believes this to be an unmitigated compliment!