20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 10

A new coinage of half sovereigns has been issued :

they look much smaller than the late issues, but are thicker, and of course of the same . weight. At first sight they have been taken for seven-shilling pieces.

The Newspaper Postage Act comes into operation on the 10th of . October. From that day,. Foreign newspapers coming from countries where British journals circulate free of postage, will be allowed free admission to all parts of the British Islands and Colonies. In the cass of papers coming from countries where any postage is levied on English journals, a sum of twopence will be required for the transmission of such papers throughout the British Islands and Colo- nies. English papers destined for countries where they shall be allowed free circulation, shall be transmitted from England free of all postage ; but when forwarded to any country where postage is levied upon them, then they .shall pay in England, previously to being forwarded, the sum of 2d. each paper. It is probable, that English papers will be admitted free into France and Belgium at least ; and in that case we shall receive, in London, French and Belgian papers,

• for the price they cost to subscribers in the countries from whence they • come..--. Courier.

. By a blunder of some of the elerks in making up the return of Poor- . rate disbursements for the last year, the item of the expenses of liti- gation, removals, &c. was omitted, and that this omission gave an

apparent decrease. The following is a correct statement of the amount of money expended on the Relief' of the Poor in England and Wales during the last two years for which the.returns have been made up.

Up to the 25th of March lid-0 £6,793,988

drd^,I-8 7,045,212 Increase of 1832-3 £246,824

During the late run on Sir William Forbes's bank, a man who had some money in the house, ran as fast as he could there, produced his voucher, and demanded his money. The clerk asked him if he would take bullion or paper ? He chose the last ; which was paid him in the notes of Sir William's house. As soon as he had put the notes safely in his pocket, he grinned in the clerk's face, and said, " Now, d—n you, you may break as soon as you like." [This booby was not born on the fur side of the Tweed, we will venture to affirm.'

A set of vagabonds are perambulating the country, selling this yeses almanacs as those of the next, the 4 having been taken out of the title- page by some chemical process, and a 5 neatly inserted in its stead.