20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 12


Arnica—At Gravesend, Sept. 15th, Satus, Criekmay., from the Cape; and 17th, Wa• tech a. Cow, from Bengal. Off Dartmouth, 17th, Robert Quayle. Bkmadale, nom Ceylon. Off Plymouth.13th, Columbia, Booth, from Singapore. Oil Falmouth, 18111, Morning Star. Linton, from Ceylon. At St. lIclena, July 20th. Ulysses, Crawford, from Mau- ritius ; and 24th, Batavia, Blair, from Batavia. At the Cape, July 8th, Euphrates, Beckham, from Bombay ; 111h. Mary and Jane, Winter, from Liverpool ; Thomas Snook, Hummer, and Swallow, Nelson, from London. At Bombay, May 21st, Bombay Packet, Garu.bek, from Bristol.

S Gravesend, Sept. 17th, Henry Bell, Wisby, for Mauritius. From Liver pool, 16th, Mary, Tucker, for Bombay.