20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 15

A difference has arisen between Mr. Bunn and the Dramatic

Authors' Society. The Lessee wishes to make a stipulation with any writer whom he employs, that the piece shall be his sole and personal property ; and that if it be acted in any theatre within twenty. one miles of the Metropolis, he shall be individually en- titled to the profits derivable under the Dramatic Authors Act. Such an arrange- ment would certainly be directly opposed to the intention of the statute, unless Mr. Bunn proposes to give additional price equal to the gain that may be ex- pected from the contributions of theatres in the vicinity of London ; and then, instead of the act creating a.property for the remuneration of meritorious authors, it would create a property in the way of annuity for Mr. Bunn. As Mr. Bunn is lessee of both Drury Lane and Covent Garden, if he continue his demand, we knew not what remedy authors have but to refuse to write; and refusing to write is, in some instances, consenting to starve. We learn that Mr. Planche has withdrawn a piece from Covent Garden in consequence of the dispute. — Obserrer.

Manager BONN is too modest. Wily not at once insist on having the exclusive services of the dramatists he chooses to employ, retaining the privilege of rejecting any piece of which he does not approve ? What are dramatists, but a sort of literary tailors, to measure actors for characters? Let them learn to be thankful for the ho.iour of Manager Busrees patronage on any terms. PLANCHE'S contumaciousness is amazing. The Drama: tic Authors' Society is nothing better than an operative Dramatists Union, which Manager BONN should resist, by requiring every- dramatist be employs to sign a declaration that they do not belong to it. If they muster courage to "strike,"

" Let famine and the ague eat them up."

If the public wants novelty, have He not a BONN to translate French pays, or invent English ones, without having recourse to wit, character, or plot ?But we trust they will be warned by the fate of SHERIDAN KNOWLES, self-exiled for contempt of