20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 15

On Friday week, informations were received at the Head Police-office,


Mr. F— and the I Ion. Li —,, two gentlemen in ihe Tithe Million Office, intended fighting a duel upon the following morning. The parties were Mime- &awlc secured, and bowel over in 2001. each and two sureties in 1001., to keep the peace. —Thrblin How is this, Mr. LimeroN? We had understood from your speech on the subject in the House of Commons, that the Clerks in the Tithe Million Office were mere drudges—hard-working men on salaries of from one to three pounds a week—precisely the persons who eschew duelling and cleaVe to the quill. Yet it seems that one is a sprig of the Aristocracy : that he does not bestow his honeurabte services on the country for a trifle, it is safe to assume. It is evident that there are too many clerks in this office' or they would not have time to quarrel and fight duels. Mr. larriaerox is now in Dublin, and should see to this, and dismiss both the duellists.