20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 15

The accounts of the Westminster Bridge Commissioners have been printed,

pursuant to Parliamentary order. Among the items of expenditure, appears a charge of U. 16s. for a day constable's hat. The outlay, no doubt, regularly took place, and the bat as doubtlessly was worth 1/. 16s. ; but who ever saw a gold-laced-hatted official perambulating Westminster Bridge ? A pedestrian (who notices this charge) declares, that though he has traversed the bridge, many is the time and ott, during a quarter of a century, he serer by any acci- dent saw this gold-laced- hatted bridge beadle ! —Morning Herald.

To be sure not. The bat was a perquisite, and was probably never worn at all ;. but exchanged for one worth three shillings and sixpence, the difference being pocketed by the worthy sine- curist. This is only a small " brick of the Babel --a. slight spe- cimen of the mode in which the public is pillaged on all sides.