20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 1

A Supplement to the London Gazette of Tuesday, contains the

report of the military operations of a division of the Madras troops against the Rajah of Coorg, one of the few Indian prinees who had been suffered to retain their independence. The Rajah was exasperated at the refusal of the British to deliver up a woman who had fled into their territory, and retaliated by seizing a British subject, whom be refused to reletw when called upon. This was the pretext for his subjugation, which was effected on the 10th of April, by his turren* of himself ras a prisoner. In the course of the comniutsicationtwhieli preceded hostilities, this bold but impotent chieftain wrote a spirited letter to the Madras Council, from which the following extract is taken : it appeared in a Calcutta paper.

"You came," says he, "a nation of traders, and you have successively destroyed every native State with whom you have come in contact, by your avarice, your treachery, and your bad faith. But the hour of vengeance shall yet come ; the day of retribution shall yet arrive ; and even perhaps in my time, I may yet be the humble weapon in the hand of the Almighty, with which you may be sorely punished ; and the hour may yet be that shall see you a suppliant to me for succour, as your predecessors once before were to my ancestors."