20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 2

int Caul.

THE King and Queen have been enjoying the fine weather in fre- quent rides in the neighbourhood of Windsor. On Wednesday, his Majesty came to town, and held a Court at St. James's Palace ; which of course, at the present season, was very thinly attended. A Privy Council was then held, attended by the Cabinet Ministers in town ; and it was resolved to prorogue Parliament from the 25th instant to the 23d of October.

In the evening, the King, attended by Sir Herbert Taylor, dined at the Stud-house, Hampton Court ; where Mr. and Lady Theodosia Rice and a select party were invited to meet him. After dinner, the King proceeded to Windsor. It is expected that their Majesties will leave Windsor, for Brighton, .on the 1st of November.