20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 2

John Hutchinson, the soldierwhose name has lately been so often

before the public, was brought to the Queen Square Office on Tuesday, by a Sergeant and Corporal, charged with desertion from his regiment. He had been endeavouring to escape to America ; but failed, and had then given himself up. The following examination took place at the Office.'

Clerk—" Is your name John Hutchinson? Prisoner—" It is."

" How tall are you ? "—" Five feet eleven inches."

"What complexion ? "—" Dark."

" Have you any marks about you? "—",,God knows I've plenty on my back." Mr. Burrell— • Do you wish to say any thing ? " Prisoner—" Yes, I should like to say a few words. My, reason for absenting myself from the regiment, is the cruel treatment I have received since I ;ante out of the hospital, after I was flogged. They have endeavoured to annoy me in every possible way; they have even detained letters at the Horse Guards addressed to me from my friends. I have applied for them, and I cannot get them. In short, they have done every thing to me to cause me to desert; and I left because I felt so miserable, and didn't know how to act."

" Do you wish to say any thing more? "—" I wish to know if you can put me in any way to recover my letters, which have been detained from me." Here the Sergeant whispered something to the prisoner.

Prisoner—" Oh no. I'm now before the civil power." Mr. Burrell said that he did not know how he could assist him.

Prisoner—" I thought a Magistrate had the power."

Mr. Burrell—." All I can advise you is to make an application to the autho- rities at the Horse Guards."

Prisoner—" Thank you, Sir. They may do what they please with me now; I care not, for I feel myself degraded and disgraced in the eyes of every person."

The prisoner was then taken into the outer Office ; where be was handcuffed, and conducted by the Sergeant and Corporal to the New Tothill prison for the night, previous to his being delivered up to the military authorities.

At the Thames Police• office, on Wednesday, the master of a steam- boat which plies between Hungerford Market and Woolwich, was fined five pounds as he could not produce his licence from the ,Water- men's Company. Notice of appeal from this decision was given.

By an accident on the River on Sunday night, a vessel laden with a valuable cargo was sunk, in nearly the same manner in which the Cameleon was lost. The Joseph and Ann, laden with oats, butter, and pork, from Youghall, was struck on the larboard bow, while coming up Sea Beach, at the entrance of the Thames, by the brig Hotspur ; and so great was the concussion that the Joseph and Ann sack in less than ten minutes. The Captain's wife and three children were in bed in the cabin; and with the utmost difficulty they were got up before the vessel sank, and were hurried into a collier almost naked. The ac- cident happened about twelve o'clock at night ; the brig at the time going about five knots an hour, and the schooner rather more.

Mrs. Diana Roebuck, a lady upwards of seventy years of age, resid- ing with her daughter-in-law in Upper Berkeley Street, Bryan toe Square, was terribly burnt on Saturday morning. She was aeon- tooled to read in her bed-room after the other inmates bad retired to rest. The servant, who slept in an adjoining room, was alarmed by the screams of her mistress ; and on entering her room, saw her standing up enveloped in flames, and vainly endeavouring to extinguish them. The servant threw the hearth-rug round the unfortunate lady, and thereby extinguished the fire; but her neck, arms, and body, were burnt in a most shocking manner. A most frightful accident occurred on Monday morning, on the pre- mises of Messrs. Robinson and Co. calenderers, in Hill Street, Fins- bury Square. About six o'clock, Martin Gready, a workman who bad been employed in the factory for nearly twenty years, was called, with other men, from their different departments, to assist in setting steam-engine, of about sixteen horse power, on the premises, to work- The engine being what is called stiffed on the day before, Grad)", with others, put their shoulders and bands to the wheel, to setitin motion. While thus engaged, the wheel, through an extraordinary pressure of steam, or some other cause, unfortunately went rapidly round ; and Greedy losing his balance, pitched bead-foremost between the wheel and the wall, which was only a space of six inches. Tlic, engine continuing to work rapidly, the poor fellow was literally smashed to pieces before the machinery could he stopped. Mr. William Cooke, a Post-Captain in the Navy, shot himself ca

Wednesday night, in a fit of temporary insanity. He was haunted with the belief that he was the victim of foul plots and conspiracies against his character. On Saturday evening, Henry Cole, errand-boy to Messrs. M'Alpine and Co. hair-cutters, Threadneedle Street, hanged himself, in his employers' cellar. He had been in a very dejected state of mind since the death of his father and mother, about fourteen months ago, and bad manifested symptoms of derangement. Latterly he had Leen ill, and tied himself in bed at night to prevent his falling out.

A few days ago, on the arrival of the Royal George steam-vessel, from Margate, at Fesh1Wharf, London Bridge, the suspicions of two active Customhouse officers were aroused at the appearance of some goods, landed as passengers' luggage on the quay, and I hey took the liberty of opening four packages, and found them filled with gunpowder tea. They immediately conve •ed their prize to the King's warehouse, and ascertained the weight of the tea to be 7901bs. after allow ing for tare and draught, and valued in money at 3161. 10s. Three passengers by the Royal George took to their heels when they saw the officers over- hauling their luggage. There was neither name or address on a single package. On the 12th instant, a seizure was made at the Spread Eagle Inn, Gracechurch Street, just after the arrival of the Dover coach, of 3:151bs. weight of the best gunpowder tea, which came as passengers' luggage. Of course no owner appeared for the property.