20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 3

Doncaster Races commenced on Monday. The weather was beau- tifully

fine, the course in excellent order, and the attendance of com- pany very good. The arrangements for preventing disorder and thiev- ing were superior to those of last year. The running on Monday was as follows.

THE FITZWILLIAM STAKES of 10 sovereigns each, and 20 sovereigns added by the Corporation. 3 years, ist. 51b. ; 4 years, 8st. 51b.; 5 years. fist. 121b.; 6 years, and aged, 9st. Mile and a half. Mr. Orde's be. h. Tomboy, 5 years 1

Mr. Ridsdale's b. f. Marcellina Mr. S. Fox's Goldbeater 3

THE CHAMPAGNE STAKES of 50 sovs. each, h. ft.; for 2 years old colts, 8st. 51b; and fillies, 8st. 31b. The winner to give six dozen of Champagne to the Racing Club, Red House in. 29 Subscribers.

Mr. Ridsdale's ch. c. Coriolanus 1 Mr. S. Fox's b. f. Nymphaliu Mr. Walker's ch. C. Curtius 3

Duke of Leeds's ch. c. by Actaeon 4 HIS MAJESTY'S PLATE of 100 guineas ; 3 years, 7st. 91b.; 4 years, 9st.; 5 years, 9st. 91b.; 6 years, and aged, lOst. Four miles.

Mr. Walker's lir. h. Consul 1 Mr. Watts's ch. c. Belshazzar 2

HANDICAP SWEEPSTAKES of 10 sovereigns each, and 50 sovereigns added by the Corpo- ration ; the second horse to save his stake. Mr. Batson's ch. f. Revelry 0 1 Mr. Harrison's br. f. Miss Wilfred 0 9 Excepting the last, there was scarcely any good running in these races; all the winners gaining with great ease.

Tuesday, the day of the Great St. Leger, attracted a numerous and distinguished company. Among those present, were the Dukes of Cleveland and Leeds, Lord and Lady Chesterfield, Lord Althorp, Lord Milton, Lord Mulgrave, Lord Wharncliffe, Sir John Key, Sir John Byng, and Mr. Gully.

The first race was for the

Two-year-old Paoncen STAKES of 100 sovereigns each, h ft.; for colts, 8st. 51b.; and fillies, 8st.31b. Red House iu. Nine Subscribers. Duke of Cleveland's b. c. by Velocipede 1 -

Duke of Leeds's chi. f. by Malek 2 1.ord Kelburuc's b. c. by Jerry 3

Then came

THE SEAT ST. LEGF.R STAKES of 50 sovereigns each, h ft ; for three years old cola, 8st. 61b.; and fillies, 8st. 31b. Great St Leger Course. 71 Subscribers. Lord Westminster's b. c. Touchstone 1 I.urd Sligo's ch. c. Bran 2 Sir J. Boswell's ch. c. General Chasse 3

Duke al:level:suit's br. c. Shillelagh

The following also started, but were not placed : —Mr. Batson's ch. c. Pleni- potentiary ; Mr. Watt's b. c. Bubastes; Duke of Leeds's ch. c. Valparaiso; Mr. W. Richardson's b. f. Lady le Gros; Mr. Heseltine's b. c. Warlaby Baylock ; Mr. Matson's bl. c. Loudon; and Mr. Chisholme's b. f. by Partisan. The result of this race was quite unexpected; as, immediately before the start, the betting was as follows.

11 to 10 on I'lenipotentiary, 7 to 2 agst. Shillelagh, 6 to 1 agst. Warlaby Baylock, 11 to 1 agst. General Chasse, 20 1 agst. Bran, 25 to I agst. Lady be Gros, 33 to 1 agst. Loudon, 40 to 1 agst. the winner, and 50 to 1 in running.

The horses got off at the third start-

" Buhastes taking the lead, followed at about a length and a half by Lady be Gros, Bran, Wallaby Baylock, and Valparaiso; these four being close together ; Plenipotentiary and -Chasse laid in the middle, and Shillelagh last of all till they got over the hill, when he took a position nearer the centre. In this way they went to the Red House, where a most significant change took place. Plenipo- tentiary was already in difficulty, and Connelly called on him in vain; whip and spur were resorted to, but there was no response. Plenipo—the pride of the South, the terror of the North—was actually beaten three- quarters of a mile from home. Luckily for him, Mr. Chishohne's filly had already cut it, or he would have been last. Having disposed of the crack horse, we may return to the Red House, where we find Bubastes about to give up, having run quite as far as the Malachias generally do. Lady Is Grua now came in front ; Bran, Warlaby Baylock, and Valparaiso still in front • and General Chasse just on the point of joining 1,1Lparry. Oil reaching the last turn, Touchstone, who had hitherto laid very p.. 't..ntly in the centre, went up to the I lading horses, and at the distance war alongside Lady le Gros and Chasse; ShIclagh also got nearer,

but was never able to reach them ; even at thispart of the race it was quite evident that Touchstone was site to win. Half way up the distance he went right away from his horses ; and although General Chasse and Bran did make a struggle, it was only for second place, which Bran obtained by about a head, Touchstone defeating him by nearly two lengths. Shillelagh was beaten about three parts of a length from the third ; behind hint were Loudon, Lady le Gros, then Warlaby Baylock, Bubastes, Valparaiso, and Plenipotentiary last of the lot ! and, as whipper-in, the Partisan filly, but a terrible long way astern."

There never was a more decided favourite for the St. Leger than Plenipotentiary, and his backers declared that be must have been short of work lately, and badly managed. After this race followed,

Tax Dox CASTER STA11.13 of 10 sovereigns each, and 20 added ; three years, 6st. 101b.; four years, 8st.; five years, Rst. 9111; six years and aged, 9st. Two miles. Niue Subscribers.

Duke of Cleveland's Muley Moloch, 4 years 1 Mr. Houldsworth's Despot. 4 years 2

Mr. Gascoigne's Zolnab. 3 years . 3 3 to 1 on Muley Moloch, alto u:ade all the running, and won easy.

The running on Wednesday was not remarkable. The following is the account given of it---

Foes Yr kit OLD STAKES of 50 eovereignc each, 20 ft., and 25 added by the Corpora- tion. St. Leger Course. 3 Subscribers.

• Duke of Cleveland's Muley Me loch, 4 years, walked over. Tut SELLING STA Kee of 10 sovereigns each, and 25 added by the Corporation ; three years, 6st. 121b. ; four, 8st.; five, Rst. 71b. ; six and aged, Rot. 101b. The winner to be sold for VOL. &c. St. Leger Course. 6 Subscribers.

Mr. Ilouldoworth's b. h. David. 5 years 1

Mr. Towueley's b. Ir. Westport, 5 years 2 THE Fos!. S.rssus of 100 sovereigns each, h. ft.. for three years old colts, Gat. ; fillies, 8st. 41b. Mile and a half. 6 Subscribers.

Mr. Nevill's eh. f. Amadon 1 Mr. Walker's b. f. Cotillon Mr. Houldsworth's b. c. Forester 3

6 to 5 on Cotillon, 6 to 4 agst A inadon, and 4 to 1 at Forester Furester made tanning to the rails, where he gave up and immediately fell astern of the other two ; Amadon was in front the remainder of the distance, and won by more than a length easy.

Tux CORPORATION PLATE of 601.; 3 years, 6st. 71b.; 4 years, 7st. 91b. ; 5 years, Rst• 31b.; 6 years and aged, Rst. 10th.; mares allowed 31b. Heats—two miles.

Mr. Houldsworth's b. c. Despot,4 years 1 1 Mr. S. Fox's ch. f. Mrs. Oakley. 3 years 2 2

Mr. R. Walker's b. m. Maid of Melrose, 5 years 4 3

Mr. Ridsdale's gr. c. Botanist, 3 years 3 dr

First Heat-5 to 4 on Despot, who made play to the hill, where Mrs. Oakley, mastering the boy, went ahead of him, and continued to the rails, by which she exhausted herself. Despot resumed his lead, and won in an easy gallop. Second Heat-4 to 1 on Despot ; the running and the result precisely the same.

On Thursday the Stakes run for were,

S vext:PsTA ;cgs of 20 sovereigns each, IL ft., Leger Course. 12 Subscribers. Mr. Heseltine's Warlaby Baylock 1 Duke of Leeds's Lady of the Vale colt 2 Mr. Houldsworth's Darius 3

Won by half a neck.

Tar GASCOIONE STAKES of 100 sovereigns each, 30 ft. Leger Course.

Sir E. Baker's Bran . • .. 1 Duke of Cleveland's Shillelagh 2

Won in a canter.

TWO-TEAR OLD STAKES of 20 sovereigns each. T. Y. C. 32 Substibers.

Mr..1. Scott's l'ilgrim 1

Mr. Watt's sister to Bubastes 2 Mr. Powlett's c. by Laugar 3

Nine others started. Won by a neck.

Ton COLD Cur, value 150 guineas, a ill, 50 sovereigns added. Cup Course. Mr. Orde's Tomboy 1

Mr. Walker'S Consol .. 2

Duke of Cleveland's Milky Moloch 3

Mystery and Polander also started. Won east.