20 SEPTEMBER 1834, Page 8

We learn from the subjoined paragraph of the Glasgow Chronicle,

that Lord Brougham was recognized in passing through Lanark. flow dues it happen that there was no public reception of him, no dining and oratory tit Glasgow ? Surely he did not pass through the great capital of the West incog. " Within these few weeks past, Lord Brougham and a number of other celebrated statesmen havepassed through Lanark. When his Lordship w.as here, he called at one of our booksellei's shops, and inquired for Tatt's Magazine. The bookseller happened to have none of the number at the time, but presented a few of the Penny Magazines. Ilia Lordship said, 011, these arc my ow-n!' and laid them aside. The bookseller was at first a little sur- prised; but immediately inquired if he had the honour of being in the presence of the Lord Chancellor. his Lordship rejoined that he was, if he considered it an honour. His Lordship purchased a number of the Church of Scotland Magazine, and some trifling article', and left the shop. A considerable number of people turned out to sec the Chancellor; but there was no public demon- stration. Our :Magistrates did not even present him with the freedom of the burgh. Earl Grey is expected to visit this place, on his way to Hamilton Palace; but is likely to be more courteously received."