21 APRIL 1866, Page 1

The detective police have been unusually swift and certain in

the Cannon-Street murder. On Tuesday they arrested a man named William Smith, living at Eton, on the charge, and the evidence against him is very strong. It appears that a man named Terry used to extort money from Mrs. Millson on account of an old claim, and Smith acknowledges that he wrote a letter for this man to the housekeeper, and once obtained two sovereigns from her. He denies of course that he was in London on the day of the murder, but a young woman employed as housekeeper in a neighbouring house picked him out from fourteen other persons, as a man she had seen leaving Messrs. Bevingtous' door

at the hour then, according to the cook's evidence, the murderer must have left it. SPoteeof-blood; too,.were fOundoe his shirt, but the chief point in his favour is:the , absence-of appareirtanotive. Why kill the poor woman, unless linked she had gravelyvdeci to prosecute him for extortion, and so alarmed him to commit- second crime in order to conceal the first ?