21 APRIL 1866, Page 2

Aseketeh has been pubtialie d in German)! of-a treaty said

to existiletweeu Prussia andJibly.: eortling.tee this, Italy binds herself to attack Austria on the Mincio as soon as Prussia has declared war, to keep 80,000 men in the field, and not to make peace until Prussia has secured the Elbe Duchies. Prussia, on her part,.undertakes- not to. make peace until Italy is in possession of all-Verretiaereept Veniee-and the Quadrilateral. Theterms of-the treaty are absurd; and the existence of any such document very improbable. If Italy goes, to war- it will be for Venetia as a whole, not for. Venetia without the.fortresses—a house without its door-key. The Florence correspondent of the- Times, however, believes. there is some: treaty,.. and intimates plainly that Napoleon has demanded:compensation for Venetia in the shape of a cession of Sardinia; a considerable increase to the powerof- France in the Mediterranean.. This rumour has been repeatedly revived,.and is not in-itself impossible.