21 APRIL 1866, Page 2

Laboulaye, the Liberal candidate for the Bas-Rhin, has been defeated

by the Govennment candidate, M..de- Bussieres, by 19,600 votes to some 10,000 less. M. Laboulaye's vote was 3,000 heavier than last year,. but M. de Bussieres had two great claims on the country electorsof- the district. Government has really enriched them by granting licences to grow tobacco with profuse liberality; and M. de.Bussieres- saved the Protestant College of St. Thomas. This College is very rich, and was spared even by the National. Convention, and since 1852 the Catholics-have pressed successive Ministers of Instruction to take possession: of it. They would have succeeded but for the influence of Al. de Bussieres with the Emperor, and he received the mass vote of the Protestant popula- tion, always large there.