21 APRIL 1866, Page 2

Serious riots have occurred in. Jassy, the capital of Moldavia.

The party which desires the separation of the Principalities in. the Russian interest on the.14th inst.- raised a mob to petition against the election of. Prince Charles of Hohenzollern. as common.11os- podar. They were dispersed, fired. on . the., police,. and were attacked by the soldiery, who -killed and wounded forty. of. them, and arrested the Metropolitan as a friend of Russia. It is believed this. party is small, the majority being determined to secure the Union- under: a foreign- prince,. with. partial. independence of Turkey. The Conference,. however, refuses the foreign prince, and Turkey threatens. invasion. of the provinces. Amidst all this, the Republican party, originally small, rapidly increases, and should it become dominant Russia will, it is- believed, enter the Principalities. The matter is .not of much consequence just yet, but it. might at any moment become. the greatest question in Europe.