21 APRIL 1866, Page 2

Sir Fitzroy. Kelly•being i like most barristers, obstinate for his clients,

insisted-on Tuesday on -his- right -to bore the Howse and the country with a motion for the repeal- of the Malt Tax. The debate was only remarkable for an amendment noted below, Sir Fitzroy saying nothing but what has been said for years. Mr Read; however; the tenant-farmer • representative, made a good h, placing. the question on the only tenable ground—the efit to the country of free agriculture. There is much land in tha.couniry which could but, for. thetax.yield barley at a pro- fit, .but.with, the tax ..eanuot—a .distinetly mischievous effect. He got-into a messewith. his statistics. though, showing that the.duty, lowered the priers. of barley awl- yet decreased the. consumption of. beer—two incompatible propositions. The Chancellor of the Exchequer promised, to-mention the matter in his financial state,- meat, but declared,. with a shrewd. knowledge- of- the• landlord mind,- that. the. repeal. of the malt tax. without. a' substitute would-be the death-warrant of indirect taxation," whereat pro- praetors winced, and-the amendment was.carried. by. 235- to..150.