21 APRIL 1866, Page 21

Miss Biddy Frobisher. A Salt Water Story. By the author

of Mary Powell. (Sampson Low, Son, and Marston.)—This dainty volume, which the publishers have turned out in a way that marks it as especially intended for young ladies, is not unworthy of that high destination. It is very good, and it is all about love, in spite of its title. Miss Biddy Frobisher, who chirters an old brig and turns sailing master to pay her father's debts, is nominally the heroine, but what interest there is in the story centres in her sisters, who stay at home and have love made to them by divers well behaved persons. This involves the description of two quiet interiors. There are also introduced some three or four typical personages of a small seaport town, but there is no plot worth speaking of. A great many wholesome sentiments are interchanged amongst the dramatis persona, who pair off happily at the end. Altogether the story may be recommended for harmlessness, simplicity, and the exhibition of the domestic affections.