21 APRIL 1866, Page 3

It seems that French M.Prs, after- delivering - a great onutiom-

sit up after the debates, which end at seven, revising" " slips " of their speeches-as-fast as-thepiiiiter loan' send thern, and correcting' them•themselves for the Mimiteur. La Prance saps-that-AL Thiers,t who is quite- an old man, sat up till: three atm: after his brilliant' speech to correct his proofs:. We are- not sure thatit-might not have- a salutary- influence on &bates to'exact that- English mem* hers- shall do likewise: The-pleasure' of speaking would-then lit balanced' against- the- pleasure of sleeping: MY: Beresford Hope' would' not, after speaking. an !burr, come to "`secondly;" as he" irf on Thursday with such an "innumerable chuckle,' if" we may 'slightly- modify lEschylus'is "'innumerable smile ;•" and Mr; G:athorne Hardy, lusty as.is his physique, would-think of the length of' time the " slips." would' be in coming; the period that must elapse before he could' feed that physique with sleep, and would sit down after repeating his few ideas not more than:three times.