21 APRIL 1866, Page 3

Of course the ifecord;nuable to endure to hear Mi' . Mill's praise,

ihowever well deserved, seized the occasion .for a.stab at him. "If Mr. Mille new system of' religion and morality were. adopted," it wrote on Wednesday, "the: glory and., the happiness of England would-be extinguished long before the..coalsfleldsswere worked out. :or-the national debt extinguished." Thus,. precisely. when Mr. Mill appeals to a senseoLduty, higher. than:that which, spite:of. our advantages over him.ia. " religion. and morality," we. have never yet succeeded in. inspiring, the. Record. thinks. it an appropriate. moment to speak of his religion. and morality- as.. barren and- tdesolating. Whatever Mr. Mill's. andthe Record's " religion and• morality." may respectively be ins the abstracb,—judged by their fruit in. thieinstence,—aimodet of judging: themt for which there is high authority,—the former produces grapes- and. the latter- prickles .; the former a desire to make a. sacrifice for posterity, the latter a delight in sneering that suggestion. dawn. "-Gan_ ye- gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles ?" Cantwegetprickles. .and stings from-anything else ?.