21 APRIL 1866, Page 3

One of the social meetings got up by the Working

Men's Club and Institute Union at Exeter Hall, to further the free discussion of political and social subjects between the- different classes of society, -was held on Wednesday evening, to discuss the subject,. "-How far are the disadvantages under which the working classes. labour. attributable to causes withinuor beyond their own control Mi. John Bainbridge,- a .working, man, read what the Star tells us VMS a." very able paper" on the subject,. but as the Star finds that. Mr. Layard's andthe Earl of Linhfield's remarks, on Mr. John Bain. bridge's paper are muelmore important - than, Mr...lohnBainbridgers. ownremarke. we have to construct theluforourselves,at some diaads vantage, out of the mild butreiterated.reproofs administered by the. Earl of Lichfield- at the-end of the discussion to theWorkinirluLan's. Essay. From these' Mt; Bainbridge appearsto have oritieized land- - lords rather savagely in reference to their treatment of. agricultural, labourers:, but it is. scarcely fair; we think, for' both the, penny. newapapers•amd the Siviety itself to cimulate extended:reports:oft the criticisme on• vrhat-- he said, andnone of the' subject off these criticisms.. That these meetingstwill: do: good; if the dis- cusnions.are conducted: on. a real: equality, is obvioue ; bat if the workingmen are ignored- directly they sit do.wsr,..and theirnoble- friends reported at fridlength; there wilt be' a.sense. of patronage; and. therefore•a failure..