21 APRIL 1866, Page 3

The. Yorthunberland,.. after many failures, was successfully launched. on. Tuesday,.

amidst great enthusiasm.. Immense. floating, power • had_ been. gained. for her by attaching. to her smashers of. buoys. drawing only four. feet of water,. at a. depth. below the surface of. twenty-two feet,. byr which. means a. floating power of .1,600 tons was gained,. The .power of floatation for the- vessel. itself- was. calculated.-to be. 4,000. tows more,—and. much more than 2,000• tonal pressure waeprovidedby the hydraulio _presses.. At about two-&clock the: Northumberland. lifted visibly,. and at half-past two beganto glide dawnwards; the rams were not used till:three. o'clock,: when: first the: river waeclear and everr- thing- in readiness,. and directly they were applied the vesseL _glided: slowly, but. with perfect . eases into the. river,. which she reached without accident.