21 APRIL 1933, Page 13


The literature of " hiking " grows with the habit ; and the very latest, Walking in the Lake District (Maclehose, 7s. 6d.), contains in its preface a well-deserved greeting to the' Youth Hostels," which indeed multiply to the advantage of our civilization. The Association is " itself a Council for the Preservation of Rural England ; a Council of young people who know a fine thing when they see it and will let Po one spoil it." For the rest, Mr. Symonds has written an almost perfect guide-book for the local walker. In a very different vein is The Tramp Royal on the Toby (Blackwood, 5s.). Mr. Marshall is one of the most original of lonely trampers, not excepting the author of Larengro. He has roughed it in a more real and original way than Borrow or any of them, and his two books, the first in Scotland. tlw second in Wales, England and Scotland, are both rough and real, in manner and matter. As with Borrow, not everyone will enjoy them, but some will enjoy them peculiarly.