21 APRIL 1933, Page 13

The excellent Board of Greenkeeping Research, which studies at Bingley,

in Yorkshire, all the problems that concern our lawns and greens, and, what is more, tells us the solutions. has conic across the same difficulty as Rothumsted, which studies soils. It finds a remedy and compounds a recipe ; but, not being a trade organization and not founded for profit, does not quite know how to bestow its benefit on the public. The Lawes Agricultural Trust at Rothamstml dis- covered, for example, how to ,make straw into manure by the agency of a cheap chemical. Hence Adco, which it finally gave over to a firm to exploit. The Greenkeepers. who are in touch with Rothamsted, have discovered a formula which is quite fatal to the leather-jacket, that tough descendant of the daddy longlegs, which wiped out one of the best greens at Rye and has done harm to grass in every parish. Greenkeepers and others found the little English name (orthodichlorobenzene) so hard to remember and to compound in true mixture that the Board has been compelled to make the prescription up itself and sell it under an easier name—the St: Ives Leather Jacket Exterminator.