21 APRIL 1933, Page 2

Whilst the new measure in addition frees the railways from

various restrictions, the companies are taking further steps to set their own house in order. Last year the London Midland and Scottish came to terms with the Great Western and the London and North Eastern to get rid of wasteful competition in the areas where they over- lapped, the plan being to pool receipts from passenger and goods traffic in those areas, thus eliminating duplication of services. The Minister of Transport has now given his assent to the Heads of , Agreement between the three companies. It is a measure of rationalization in every way justified, though it is to be feared it will involve an inevitable reduction in staff. This, however, is to be effected either by diminution of recruitment, or by retiring employees entitled to a pension at an earlier age than usual ; and employees dismissed in consequence of the pooling agreement will have the right to be heard by the heads, of their companies in person.