21 APRIL 1933, Page 26

INDIA : THE WHITE PAPER By Sir John Perronet Thonipson

This brief exposition of the contents of the recent White Paper on India can be unreservedly commended. While the explanatory portions are completely objective, Sir John Thompson adds occasional comments which are invariably pertinent, as, for example, " One would have expected that if the financial world felt there was danger ahead the credit of India would have reflected their fears. But the financial world remains calm and the credit of India is steadily improv- ing. Last June the Government of India was borrowing at 5i per cent. ; now it can get what it wants at a little over 4 per cent." In short, the pamphlet, India : The White Paper (Macmillan, ls.) is not merely an explanation of the White Paper, it is conceived in the spirit of the White Paper in so far as that document embodies the ideal of reasoned - progress towards self-government in India.