21 APRIL 1933, Page 36

" The Spectator" Crossword No. 3 0 1 [A prize of one guinea

will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened Envelopes should be marked " Crossword Puzzle,". and shonkt be received not later than first post on Tuesday. No envelopes will be opened before noon on Tuesday. The name of the winner

will be published in our next issue.] .

ACROSS 1. Lies.

3. Father walks lamely, ending in the French east.

10. Effusion.

' 11, A foreigner might think an uproar was implied, but it's only smelly.

12. French Revolutionary month.

13. John Bull's other island.

15. George Moore wrote of the passing of the -s.

16. Notched.

19. " And hang a on those recreant limbs."

21. This sweet is evidently a mere nothing.

24..Disliked by Trade Unionists.

26. Trench map (anag.). _ 28. Forgetfulness.

29. In Box and Cox and Cox and Box.


31. River famous in the Great. War.

DOWN 1. The politician's Mecca (two words).

2. Bangs.

4. Please.

5. Not knowing.

6. Costly Welsh surname. 7. A letter is added to a Mere. dith novel, but the meaning is the same.

8. Famous. English actor.

9. Tortures.

14. E.g., Drake_ and Raleigh.

17. Pignut. - 18. Shews. 20. Terse.

22. Wall-Pairitings.

23. Searcher.

25. Continental town, as we (but not the-inhabitants) spell it. 27.- A royal valuation of Para.