21 APRIL 1933, Page 6

By remarkably swift steps Sir Austen Chamberlain has won himself

in the last three or four months an acknow- ledged primacy al-1=g the few recognized elder statesmen of the country. 'Paree times in swift succession he has made. interventions which have influenced the whole course of debate. The first was his dramatic and unex- pected appeal regarding reconditioning and slum clear- ance, based on his knowledge of conditions in his own constituency. The second was when, in conjunction with the Liberals, he prevailed on ,the Government to limit their Embargo Bill to three months and to undertake to use it in connexion only with the Moscow trial. And finally, of course, comes his denunciation of the conditions in Germany to-day. It is idle for the Germans to regard that as coming from a recognized friend of France— though Sir Austen's Franeophile ardours have admittedly carried him rather far once or twice in the past—for what is in question. in this case is not France at all, but the elementary canons of individual freedom. In his manner as well as in his matter Sir Austen is a vastly improved speaker, and it would be true to say that no politician to-day, carries greater weight with wider circles in this country. The offer to Dr. Einstein of chairs at Paris (the French Government has actually created a new chair specially for him) and Madrid has had one repereuskon a little iunfortunate for various' dispossessed. . German-Jewish Professors; notably Men like Dr. Moritz Bonn and Dr. Kantorowiti. "Now," suggests the Tagliche Rundschau genially (I am paraphrasing rather than translating literally),"that Einstein is being given chairs in France and Spain -we must see that Men like Bonn are not allowed to leave Gerinank; 'or Oxford and Cambridge -and such places will be showering honours on them." They certainly Would. Moritz Bonn in particular, as Well as being one of Germany's foremost economists (he was Rector of the Handelschnle in 'Berlin) is a brilliant speaker in English, as numerous audiences in this country and more in America know well. But both his 'race and his politics make him anathema to the Goring-Goebbels school.